Working with Complex and Sexual Trauma: An AEDP Overview to Support and Enhance Interventions

DATE(S): Date: Friday, July 19, 2024 Time: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time USA + Canada
LOCATION: Live Online

Course Information

This seminar will support your AEDP processing of complex and sexual traumas, which often arise in our caseloads and frequently result in C-PTSD. Together, we will observe clinical videos featuring clients struggling to heal from early attachment deficits due to sexual and other complex trauma. We will focus on both parts of the therapeutic dyad to build our intuitive capacities, along with strengthening our facility with AEDP interventions. This seminar will help you understand the arc of a session and the course of treatment while tracking inter-relational clinical work. You will have ample opportunity to meta-process your internal experiences as we witness AEDP-style portrayals, rupture-repair cycles, parts-work, defense work, and direct work within the ‘trauma vortex’ (Peter Levine). We will demonstrate how our AEDP model helps us discern and shift maladaptive affect and pathogenic pain into affective change processes, healing trajectories, and resulting adaptive action tendencies in people’s outside lives.