Treating Eating Disorders with AEDP

DATE(S): 4 Wednesdays | June 5, June 12, June 19 and June 26 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST
LOCATION: Online Training
PRESENTER(S): Martina Verba, PhD 

Course Information

Description: With its dual treatment pathways, AEDP offers a way to alleviate the psychological distress that fuels the development and maintenance of eating disorder symptoms as coping mechanisms and foster enhanced wellbeing and vitality, both of which are greatly diminished when eating disorders are present. This 8-hour seminar will be presented in 2 parts. In part I, we will explore the specific application of AEDP in the treatment of eating disorders and consider how we tailor AEDP interventions to eating disorder stages of recovery. In part II, I offer ways to incorporate top-down techniques from other psychotherapy models (e.g. DBT, CBT, ACT) into an AEDP foundation in order to address symptoms directly. Part I will be presented in the first two of four 2-hour seminars; part II will be presented in the latter two 2-hour sessions. The workshop will be both interactive and didactic, using videotaped session material to illustrate the model in action.