Essential Skills (ES1) Five Modules

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DATE(S): April 12, 2024 thru January 13, 2025 | Times: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time
LOCATION: Live Interactive Online (3 seats remaining)
PRESENTER(S): Kate Halliday, LCSW, Mary Androff, MD, Anna Christina Sundgren, MA, Kari Gleiser, PhD 

Course Information

AEDP™ psychotherapy is an empirically supported approach that seeks to alleviate patients’ psychological suffering by helping them process the overwhelming emotions associated with trauma in a way that facilitates corrective emotional and relational experiences that mobilize changes in the brain. If you are interested in persuing AEDP certification, the Essential Skills is the second course in a series of certification courses for licensed therapists.  AEDP Essential Skills provides practical skills for the application of AEDP as well as a thorough immersion in the theory underlying the practice. Different skill sets will be introduced, explained, illustrated and practiced in each module, so that participants will emerge with both an understanding and a felt sense of how to practice AEDP.