AEDP in Action: Moving through Emotional Suffering into Transformational Change

DATE(S): Tuesdays: February 13 + 27 and March 5 + 19, April 2 + 16, 2024/ 12:00 - 3:30 PM EST
LOCATION: Online Training
PRESENTER(S): Richard Harrision, PhD 

Course Information

AEDP is a proven, clinically effective, healing-oriented, experiential therapy with a dual focus: the transformation of suffering and the fostering of flourishing. Incorporating knowledge from attachment research and theory, contemporary neurobiology, emotion theory, and body-based therapies, AEDP is highly integrative, yet unique. This seminar series explores AEDP’s transformational arc through emotional pain into meaningful positive change and enhanced wellbeing. The training features extensive video examples from AEDP therapy sessions with clients who differ from each other in terms of salient aspects of identity and history (e.g., ethnic and cultural background, race, age, gender, trauma history, etc.), and who present with varied attachment styles.