How to Integrate AEDP with Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (primarily ketamine)

Course Information

Psychedelic treatments (MDMA, psilocybin, ayahusasca, etc) can powerfully accelerate transformation and you will come across them in your practice whether you choose to do the actual psychedelic sessions or not. Working with these modalities requires an understanding of their promise and pitfalls, of how to shape the optimum mindset, of how to be with someone in altered states, how to direct and utilize experience effectively and integrate transformational experience into everyday life. This workshop will focus on ketamine, currently the only legal psychedelic treatment, widely used but frequently somewhat squandered with inadequate application of psychotherapeutic principles and skills. AEDP provides an ideal frame for this work because it explicitly addresses and deepens safety, lowers defenses and works with states where the sense of time and consciousness are altered by the process, and has specific phases for consolidating new states and learning. These map well onto the arc of a psychedelic session.


Mark Green, MD is a psychiatrist specializing in addictions. He completed his residency and addictions fellowship at Cornell before conducting research into stress and addictions at Rockefeller University. He has been on Faculty at Cornell, Vermont and Harvard, and lectured nationally on harm reduction, evidence-based treatment, opiate treatment and psychotherapies. Mark has run outpatient and residential programs and systems in several states. Until recently Mark owned and operated Psych Garden in Belmont, MA, which provided evidence-based, family-focused and harm reduction treatment. Mark is a certified therapist and supervisor in training in AEDP and has trained in ketamine assisted psychotherapy with Phil Wolfson; the MAPS study for MDMA for PTSD; and for many years with underground shamans and elders. He has taught ketamine assisted psychotherapy at Harvard conferences, the Boston Psychedelic Training Center, and at multiple retreats.