On Demand: Black Liberation as a Path to Collective Wellness & Healing: Pursuing Personal and Collective Liberation Through BioMythoGraphy

LOCATION: Online Training
PRESENTER(S): Della V. Mosley Ph.D. 

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I intentionally use my education and training in counseling, skills and experience conducting culturally mindful and award-winning research, history counseling Black youth and queer and transgender People of Color, experience organizing and doing movement work under a Black queer feminist framework, lessons learned in community with my squad of incredible mentors and mentees, history as an educator, and life as a Black queer woman to promote wellness and survival for people who are systematically excluded from it. I am the President of the non-profit The WELLS Healing Center (formerly the University of Florida based WELLS Healing and Research Collective), I co-founded Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (#Academics4BlackLives) with Pearis Bellamy, am the co-founder (with David Oh) of the Radical Healing Collaborative Group Practice, a proud member of the Psychology of Radical Healing Collective, and an American Psychological Association (APA) Minority Fellow. I also recently gave a TEDx talk entitled “Moving from Woke to Working for Black Futures.